CASH Music is a nonprofit empowering musicians towards a sustainable future.


We make free, open-source tools that connect musicians to their audience. We work with musicians on outreach and learning efforts for musicians. It's our nonprofit mission to build a sustainable future for music.

CASH Music platform introduction
Curious about the platform?

If you want to get started right away just sign up for the hosted beta. You can learn more about specific features below.


Everything is open-source, and you can find the platform code on github. If you’re looking for players or front-end effects take a look at cashmusic.js.

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Our Mission.

CASH Music is a nonprofit organization focused on educating and empowering artists and their fans to foster a viable and sustainable future for music. We believe the best way to ensure a sustainable future for music is to invest in its creators. Learn more.

The platform

We've worked with musicians to build an open source platform of tools they can use to control their careers. All our code is free, and always will be. We see the open web as a vital piece of the solution for a healthy music industry.

Intro video

Watch an intro video that gives a quick look at what's possible with the platform and the concepts behind it.

Digital sales

Digital Sales
Upload a file to your S3 or Google Drive, sell with your PayPal account, keep 100%.

Download codes

Download Codes
Generate download codes, print cards to send with vinyl or to sell at the merch table.

Email collection

Email Collection
Grow your email list, give away downloads, even sync to your MailChimp account.


cashmusic.js is a lightweight JavaScript library that handles CASH Music embeds, does some basic video lightboxing, and provides simple audio players. It also provides no-script animation keyed to song progress, enabling advanced audio players with little to no coding needed.

Demos and documentation

Outreach and learning.

Releasing code is great, but it's vital that artists can use it to navigate the industry and web around them. So we're developing a series of events and educational materials connecting musicians to the perspectives and information they need. Learn more.

Community is vital. We can't do this alone. Please get in touch, join the mailing list, or support our organization by donating or buying a shirt. Together we can ensure a healthy future for musicians everywhere.

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