Welcome to the first CASH Music hack/build/make day. Today is all about building cool new things and learning from each other.

The Rules.

Rules are dumb. Many hack days are done as competitions. We're doing something different. We've got art and music, code, and a clean slate. Let's make something amazing.

The path: What can you do with a single page?

Each of these bundles contains art, video stills, logos, and a README with URLs pointing to songs and more. Grab one, build a page with cashmusic.js or your favorite libraries, and make something special.

(We took down the actual bundles after the event.)

Red Fang

Red Fang logos, video stills, layered art, and a song from the brand new album. Thanks to Relapse records.


Print res poster art, logos, and a couple tracks from Cayucas. Courtesy of Secretly Candadian.


From Hunters, three album tracks, hi res cover art, press photos, and more. Thanks, Mom + Pop.


A sampler EP featuring an album track, live songs, and a Radiolab Session track — from Lucius and Mom + Pop Music.

Offroad: plenty to do.

Grab things and do what you like, or pick our brains about the code. We're doing this to build community, and as a nonprofit and there's no shortage of things we need help with. Here's a look at a few of them: platform issues, cashmusic.js issues.

More Resources.

Below is a big list of stuff worth checking out. Our code. Demos. Docs.
Even a github repo just for today. All of this is just a starting point.

Starting points.

Here's everything we can think of. If there's anything we missed just let us know.

CASH Music platform

Platform wiki with intros
Platform API documentation

Hosted platform signup
CASH Music platform repo


Basic cashmusic.js demos
Throwing Muses demo
Not The 1s demo

cashmusic.js docs
Animations by timecode
cashmusic.js Github repo

Rad Stuff

HTML5 boilerplate
Zurb Foundation
CSS Transforms

Red Fang on Pitchfork Advance
Hype Machine Premiere

Made possible with support from
Mandrill Wemo Lab

Our Mission.

CASH Music is a nonprofit organization focused on educating and empowering artists and their fans to foster a viable and sustainable future for music. We believe the best way to ensure a sustainable future for music is to invest in its creators. Learn more.

Community is vital. We can't do this alone. Please get in touch, join the mailing list, or support our organization by donating or buying a shirt. Together we can ensure a healthy future for musicians everywhere.

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