Bringing artists and technologists together in the big apple. Conversations, workshops, learning, and snacks.

May 17 & 18 at Bell House.

Great people, different perspectives, and fascinating conversations that will hopefully lead to many more. Workshops and resources to learn more about music and tech.

The idea is simple: pull together a room full of technologists and artists, as many perspectives as possible, and start talking. On stage we'll have five one on one conversations with time between to keep ideas flowing.

This is a free, invitation-only event. We have a few invitations available on a first-come basis.
Add your email here to request one:

Saturday, May 17

Hosted by  JonathanJonathan Coulton

Jerri Amaechi
Jerri Chou + Amaechi Uzoigwe
Jerri is the co-founder of All Day Buffet, The Feast, and TBD. Amaechi manages El-P and Run The Jewels, and also works as a digital media executive.

Dapwell Anil
Dapwell + Anil Dash
Dapwell was a member of Das Racist and co-creator of the Untitled Kondabolu Brothers Podcast. Anil is the co-founder ThinkUp and an expert in social media and all things funk.

JD Mark
JD Samson + Mark Surman
JD is a musician and DJ, producer, and remixer known for her bands Le Tigre and JD Samson and MEN. Mark is the Executive Director of Mozilla and a longtime advocate for the open web.

Sunday, May 18

Hosted by  DanielDaniel Ralston

Travis Jenn
Travis Morrison + Jenn Schiffer
Travis is co-founder of Shoutable and known as a musician with The Dismemberment Plan. Jenn is an engineer, the creator of make8bitart.com, and an expert in open source and big data.

John Resig + Gavin Russom
John is the creator of jQuery and is now focused on computer science education at Khan Academy. Gavin (The Crystal Ark) is a NYC based artist, producer, DJ and synthesizer magician.


On Saturday the 17th we're setting up space and time for people to learn, brainstorm, and talk about what they've built. We'll have experts on hand teaching specifics, project demos, and room for you to tell your story.

All made possible with support from


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